PB Chocolate Blondies Caramel Brownies Lemon Bars Caramel Shortbread


Bars come in servings of (16) 2"x2" bars.

- Signature items



The brownie’s counterpart. Buttery and moist with a crunchy outer layer. Top it off with white chocolate chips. Full of rich, vanilla flavor!


Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

Gooey goodness. Peanut butter coated rich cereal topped with chocolate and butterscotch. A must have at any bakery.



One word – chocolate! Rich fudgy chocolate flavor topped with semisweet chocolate chips.


Caramel Brownies

Homemade caramel layered between rich chocolate brownie and chocolate chips. Yum!


Raspberry Brownies

Take a fudgy brownie and swirl it with raspberry goodness and you have got yourself quite the dessert.



A family recipe that is moist, perfectly spiced and topped with traditional cream cheese frosting.


Lemon Bars

Sweet and tangy lemon bars atop a shortbread crust. A family dessert that must be shared.

$11.50 w/bacon

Presley Bars

Chocolate peanut butter and banana brownies topped with candied bacon! Elvis had it pretty well figured out. (Can easily be made without bacon for $2.00 less. It will still taste awesome.)

Love in the Oven Bakery uses fresh ingredients and everything is made to order. Nothing spends any time sitting on a shelf waiting.

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